Looking for the best way to help your child with anxiety?

It's natural for children to feel anxious or afraid about some things as they are growing up. It's got to do with our hard-wired responses to danger: things like heights, or strangers, or large unfriendly animals.

The problems come when a child doesn't learn to distinguish between a normal situation and a dangerous one, and the fear becomes more lasting and interferes with normal development.

So how do you help your child with this sort of anxiety?

1) Acknowledge your child's feelings.

Before you do anything else, you need to acknowledge your child's feelings and help her express them. Young children don't know how to put words to what they are feeling, and older children often don't want to, for fear of being ridiculed.

Your task here as a parent, is just to listen to what your child is telling you. You can help by asking questions like, “Are you feeling afraid of the dark?” … or whatever it is. Children sometimes find it easier to describe physical sensations, like “butterflies in the tummy” or “scary feeling inside”.

What you are doing here is establishing a language so you can communicate with your child about feelings. This is the first step in helping your child distance herself from her emotional state, instead of letting it control her. You are not going to minimise, or try to talk her out of what she is feeling, or making it worse. It's simply accepting that these feelings are there, and you (and she) can deal with it. Because one of the most difficult things about anxiety is feeling afraid of the anxiety itself, and doing whatever you can to avoid it.

This brings us to the next step:

2) Encourage your child to face the situation she is afraid of.

Yes, she feels scared... she is shaking... she is having trouble breathing... or whatever else is happening. But that doesn't mean she needs to let it control her.

Your job here, as a parent, is to support her in facing the situation. Hold her hand, or pick her up, and go outside into the dark... or get close to that dog... or sit with her for a while at kindergarten. For an older child who is anxious about school, or doing an exam, or talking in front of the class, or going into a social situation, it is not so easy. You can't actually go with her into those situations. What you can do instead, is to help her with coping strategies such as encouraging self-talk or relaxing breathing. You can also help her rehearse in her mind, or even in a role-play, for situations such as speaking in front of the class, or going into a social situation that is difficult for her.

And when she does face the situation, you can help even more:

3) Praise her for doing it.

Praise (and other reward) works a lot better than punishment or ridicule to change behaviour. And this is what you are aiming to do: to get your child to change the way she responds to an anxiety-provoking situation. Once you have acknowledged that she is scared, and that she can face the situation anyway, and she does, then she has done something truly brave and grown-up! So tell her...

Of course, it's not always that easy to follow these steps. You are going to need a lot of patience, empathy, and ingenuity. And you are human too... you have other demands on your time and energy!

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